Erkennen Sie diesen Song „Earth Level Dancing Lines“ (Android Game)?

What happened to the original dancing line game?

Due to Cheetah Mobile violated ad terms, the whole company’s games and Dancing Line itself has been removed. Thus, no more levels will be seen on Android after that.

How do you unlock songs on Dancing Line?

In past versions, they can be unlocked with 750 gems, real money or through Lucky Box. Now they need to be unlocked in Challenge (new), then use gem, real money or through lucky box.

Is Dancing Line on android?

Dancing Line is unofficially released as an Android APK. The 3 unofficial levels in this version are: The Winter, The Desert, and The Storm.

Where can I play Dancing Line?

Play Dancing Line free

Play Dancing Line for free now on LittleGames. Dancing Line is available to play for free.

Why is Dancing Line removed?

Due to ad fraud, Google Play banned CheetahMobile forever, so all its games, including Rolling Sky itself, were removed in Google Play at February 20, 2020. Thus, no more new levels can be updated on Android after that.

Why did Dancing Line stop updating?

Dancing Line’s End-of-Life

There would be high risk that Dancing Line will stop updating new levels, since: There’re only 3 developers left. On February 20th, 2020, Cheetah Mobile along with Dancing Line are eliminated from Google Play since the company was ad-fraud for years.

What are dance line points?

The Challenge (new) is a mechanic introduced in version 2.6. 5. While completing the level and daily tasks, you will be given points to unlock different rewards.


Level Task Point
Complete [level] 100% 40
Perfectly pass [level]/game tasks 40-50
Daily Task Point
Game task: Revive/Use heart/Play 20

How do you make a line level in dance?

Quote from the video:
They are all unique in their own way. Today we look at 10 tips I have for you to start making your own fan. Level. Number 10 the name for your level.

What do dance line cubes do?

Cubes are essentially the lives of Dancing Line. When you first play the game, it gives you 20/15 Cubes. When you go under 15, a timer will appear. After every 2 minutes, you get a Cube.

What happened Cheetah Mobile?

In March 2020, Cheetah Mobile was banned from Google Play due to their scheme of ad fraud, resulting in all of their games being removed as part of a 600 app deletion.

Is there a Dancing Line 2?

About Dancing Line 2Dancing Line 2 is a fanmade Dancing Line Game. It is NOT owned by Cheetah Mobile or Boombit Games. It is made by Azure (Project Manager), Maxidae (Developer) and Mazab IZW (Main Developer).