Gibt es ein offizielles Wort über die Bedeutung des Alligators im Video zu OneRepublics *Counting Stars*?

What does the crocodile mean in counting stars?

It means greed. The song revolves around counting blessings instead of how much money you have. How relationships among friends and family matter so much more than how much money you have in your bank account.

What is going on in the counting stars music video?

The guys are singing about renouncing the world’s values (no more counting dollars we’ll be counting stars). The church members are catching the Spirit to the beat of the music in the mundane world. To emphasize that they’re singing in the non-spiritual world, there’s a dangerous predator on the prowl.

What does the counting stars video mean?

The meaning behind “Counting Stars” is basically that money can’t buy happiness. Ryan Tedder told Official Charts Company that when he was writing the song, “I had the idea for ‚Counting Stars‘ originally in the summer of 2012 when I was in the Hamptons.

Is OneRepublic a good band?

From writing songs for other artists, producing their own hits, having numerous television and movie appearances and winning three Grammy awards, OneRepublic became a powerhouse of talent and should be the quintessential example of success in the music industry.

What is the mood of Counting Stars?

„Counting Stars“ is about longing to have a better life but knowing any attempts to change one’s life would be in vain.

How old is OneRepublic?

2002–2007: Reformation. Reuniting in Los Angeles in 2002, Tedder and Filkins formed their second band under the moniker Republic. Tedder, by then an established songwriter and record producer, had convinced Filkins to relocate from Chicago. Nine months later, the band signed with Columbia Records.

Is OneRepublic still together?

Mostly ups, very few downs. I’m just thrilled we’re still together and we still actually love each other. None of us have brothers in real life so we’ve all become each others brothers more or less, and so for me it’s been awesome.

Where is OneRepublic from Oklahoma?


One of Oklahoma’s Own won a Grammy Sunday night. Ryan Tedder, the lead singer for the band OneRepublic, was born and raised in Tulsa. He has become one of the most sought-after producers in the industry. The worldwide smash „Apologize“ is one of dozens of hit records produced by the Tulsa native.

Does OneRepublic write their own songs?

The musician has had an incredible career, not only in the band, but as a songwriter, writing songs for some of the biggest artists on the planet, including Adele, Ellie Goulding, Beyonce and P! nk.

Why is OneRepublic underrated?

OneRepublic enjoys significant airplay and music video appearances. They’ve been around for quite a while now. One thing that I think their music lacks is a unique sound. Their Wikipedia page quotes Ryan Tedder saying, “We’re no respecter of genre.