Koan vs. KOAN Sound

Is Koan and KOAN Sound the same?

Koan Sound is British project, while Koan is Russian one.

Are KOAN Sound brothers?

KOAN Sound is an English electronic music production duo from Bristol, England. The duo consists of Will Weeks and Jim Bastow.

How old is KOAN Sound?

U.K. electronic duo KOAN Sound was formed by producers Jim Bastow and Will Weeks in 2008 after the dissolution of several other musical projects.

How do koans make bass sounds?

Quote from the video:
Turn the pre on knock. It up to a high pass. And here. I'm gonna bring down the Q. I guess that is and we can bring this anywhere. And experiment later with their sound. Just. Remember if this right.

How do you make your music sound like koan?

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What I want to get is a hat do I have a hat sample. Yes I want this to be very square to keep everybody on beat that's how we're gonna keep this. Together. And we're going to do the same beat twice.

What is Reese Bass?

A “reese” is a type of sound often found in bass music: it’s a big, wobbly-sounding thing that’s often used for basslines, low melodies, or as a sort of bassy pad. It’s a really interesting type of sound that often sounds deceptively complex.

How do you make a bass sound?

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Sometimes you can just adjust the attack of your a to wait a bit and it just makes it naturally. Fit around the kick.

How do I make my bass sound fuller?

High-pass your bass – high-pass the lowest frequencies to get more bass headroom, and a notched lower end. Use a sine wave as a sub-bass – layer your bass with a sine wave playing the exact same notes as your main bass.

What waveform is best for bass?

Of the four main analog waveforms, either square/pulse and sawtooth would be a great place to start when crafting a deep bass sound. A triangle wave would work too, but it can be a bit too thin for what we’re looking to do. Many synths will offer pulse width modulation to add some depth to the square/pulse waveform.