Was passiert in Catherine Called Birdy?

Why is Catherine, Called Birdy?

Catherine is called „Birdy“ because she keeps many birds as pets. She has three older brothers. The eldest, Robert, is a knight. He weds his betrothed though she is only 12, and she dies from complications while giving birth to their child.

Who is Shaggy’s beard in Catherine, Called Birdy?

Unlike Catherine’s father, Shaggy Beard has few redeeming qualities. He is the man Catherine is supposed to marry; he is lewd, vulgar, and much older than Catherine. He sends many presents to her when they become informally engaged.

What animal is Perkin with Catherine, Called Birdy?

Describe Perkin, and his relationship to Catherine. Catherine’s friend, and is also a goat boy.

Is Catherine, Called Birdy a true story?

Catherine, Called Birdy is a historical novel set in Medieval England in the year 1290, and is written in the form of diary entries.

How old is Catherine in Catherine Called Birdy?


Parents need to know that Newbery-winning novel Catherine, Called Birdy describes the life of a 13th-century English upper-class family through the eyes of 13-year-old Catherine, the youngest child and the only girl when the book begins.

What grade level is the book Catherine Called Birdy?

Catherine, Called Birdy

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 9 – 12 Grades 6 – 12 6.4

Where does Catherine Called Birdy take place?


Catherine, Called Birdy takes place in the year 1290 in the England of King Edward I. It is one of few young adult novels to shed light on the little known lives of medieval adolescents.