Wie hieß die High School im High School Musical?

Does Troy die in High School Musical?

Troy Bolton dying at the beginning of this movie of course puts a major damper on the film. This would mean nothing is real and it’s all just Troy trying to deal with the fact that he’s dead. He needs to move on, but instead creates this fantasy in purgatory so that he can live out his final year of high school.

What high school was used in High School Musical?

East High

While most of the „High School Musical“ movie was filmed at East High, you can see the stage where Troy and Gabrielle auditioned at Murray High School — just make sure to call ahead and set up an appointment to see it beforehand.

Did Troy and Gabriella break up in High School Musical 2?

Gabriella says that people change. Troy explains that he was only acting this way because of the scholarship. Gabriella can’t take this so she breaks up with him and quits leaving Troy brokenhearted („Gotta Go My Own Way“).

What happens to Troy and Gabriella?

Towards the end of their senior year, Troy and Gabriella are still dating and are very serious about their relationship. During the championship game against West High, Troy looks to Gabriella for support and she encourages him to keep trying and, ultimately, to win. This all happens while they sing Now Or Never.

What happens to Troy Bolton?

Troy chose to go to UC Berkeley to pursue basketball and theater, and most importantly, be close to Gabriella — yikes.

How old was Gabriella HSM 2?

Troy’s love interest and musical partner, Gabriella Montez, is also 16 or 17. Gabriella met Troy at a New Year’s Eve party. When the two are called upon to sing a karaoke duet, it’s immediately apparent they have chemistry.

How old is Troy Bolton?

East High School basketball star Troy Bolton is 16 or 17 years old. The junior is the captain of the varsity basketball team and the most popular male student at East High. With the help of Gabriella Montez, Troy also embraces his artistic side.

How old was Zac Efron in High School Musical one?

Actor Zac Efron was only 19 years old when he played Troy Bolton in the first High School Musical movie.

Do Troy and Gabriella get married in High School Musical 4?

Aside from getting married and being parents, Troy is also expected to be the latest coach for the new Wildcats while Gabriella will be the one to handle the Glee club of the school. Fans are super excited for this news, however, the ex-couple has not commented on their upcoming reunion.

Do Troy Bolton and Gabriella marry?

There had been announced a High School Musical 4 called the wedding where Troy and Gabriella get married.
Do Troy and Gabriella get married?

Gabriella Montez
Relationships: Troy Bolton (Boyfriend/Husband)
Friends: *Taylor McKessie Martha Cox Kelsi Nielsen Chad Danforth Zeke Baylor Ryan Jason Cross

What did the T on Gabriella’s necklace mean?


Movie Review
Their unlikely relationship—based, apparently, on mutual respect and catchy song-and-dance numbers—is still going strong; so much so that Troy gives Gabriella a pretty little necklace with a big “T” pendant. The “T” stands for Troy.

Is there any kissing in high school musical?

“You guys, your memories are failing you,” he said Friday at a press conference in London to promote High School Musical 2. The kiss, a real one, never made the screen – that wouldn’t happen until the sequel – but it happened, and it was a big deal at the time for the young stars, who became a real-life couple.

Did they kiss in high school musical?

Troy and Gabriella don’t actually have their first kiss until the end of this movie. Though Troy and Gabriella are dating after the events of the first movie, they don’t have their first kiss until the end of „High School Musical 2.“

Did they add a scene in High School Musical 2?

It was not used in the movie itself but is part of a deleted scene. It is performed by Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) and Ryan (Lucas Grabeel). It was also included on the Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure soundtrack. The scene was included on the DVD release of the film and the version that can be found on Disney+.

Does Troy and Gabriella ever kiss?

Have Troy & Gabriella Kissed Yet? The answer is no. They didn’t kiss all throughout HSM and in the first few minutes of HSM2, everyone keeps interrupting their attempts at a liplock.

Is there a 4 High School Musical?

Although it was never made, fans still have hope that the stars will reunite one more time. Unfortunately, it seems like director Kenny Ortega doesn’t have a High School Musical 4 in the works any time soon. “[It] isn’t in my thinking,” he told Variety in January 2021 when celebrating the HSM 15-year anniversary.

Is Humuhumunukunukuapua a offensive?

„Humuhumunukunukuapua’a“ from High School Musical 2

This is a terrible song and it’s also mildly offensive. No wonder it was cut from the original movie.

What grade is Troy in High School Musical 2?

Depicted as one of East High’s most popular students, Troy is also the captain of the school’s varsity basketball team, a position he earned in his junior year after joining the team as a sophomore.

Who is the most popular HSM character?

1 Kelsi Nielsen

The most awesome character from the entire High School Musical movie franchise would have to be Kelsi Nielsen. She was the adorably unproblematic songwriter and pianist who created beautiful lyrics and melodies for Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton to perform together.

Who is the villain in High School Musical?

Sharpay Evans

Sharpay Evans is the main antagonist of High School Musical and High School Musical 2, and is the titular protagonist of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.

Who was valedictorian in High School Musical?

10 Troy Was Valedictorian

The speaker of the graduating class is often the person with the highest grade point average, not a popularity contest.